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TRI-ZEN is John Keells Properties latest residential development at Union Place – a living space for the astute and the creative, the perfect balance that you deserve. Apartments at TRI-ZEN are based on smart design principles to maximize space and comfort, and this efficient design allows these apartments to be affordably priced. This property will house 891 apartment units along with entertainment facilities, and many other attractions.

The development will consist of three residential towers totaling 891 units.

Tower 1 consists of 40 residential floors, with a total of 237 units. Units will consist of a mix of two & three bedroomed apartments ranging from 716 – 1020sq. ft. Rooftop amenities include; star gazing sanctuary, star gazing sanctuary deck, sea view sanctuary & a sea view sanctuary deck.

Tower 2 consists of 42 residential floors, with a total of 417 units. Units will consist of a mix of one & two bedroomed apartments ranging from 471 –751 sq. ft.  Rooftop amenities include; multipurpose room, sky wine sanctuary, sky wine sanctuary deck & a sea sanctuary deck.


Tower 3 consists of 40 residential floors, with a total of 237 units. Units will consist of a mix of two & three bedroomed apartments ranging from 720 – 1041sq. ft. Rooftop amenities include; sky fitness & a badminton court.

US Dollar or Sri Lankan Rupee. (If you are paying in USD we will use the official central bank USD buying rate on the date of payment)

Yes, you can, given that the full payment has been made and the vendor having notified to take over vacant possession. However, the deed of transfer will need to be executed during a specified period given by the developer.

Upon full payment for the apartment and once the condominium plan/condominium declaration has been registered at the land registry.

No, we do not provide financing. However, we work with the major banks that provide financing for local purchasers.

There will be CCTV in the common areas with a building management system. And barrier gate access control at the entrance to the premises.

There is a one-year defects liability period from the date of completion.

Car parks are allotted based on the type of unit purchased.

Two bedroomed units have the option to purchase one car park slot for LKR 3 million (Depending on availability) and three bedroomed units have one car park slot included with the unit.

The Sales and Purchase Agreement (“SPA”), will be arranged by the vendor and thereby there will be no cost to the Purchaser. No stamp duty at this instance.

In the event the purchaser wishes to assign the SPA to another party, the purchaser may retain his lawyer for the transaction and thereby pay the fees to the said lawyer. No stamp duty at this instance.

In the event the purchaser applies for a loan and thereby must enter into a tri-partite loan agreement with the bank and the vendor, he will have to incur the necessary charges to the bank, if any.

At the time of executing the deed of transfer, the purchaser will have to retain a lawyer and pay legal fees as applicable. Stamp duty will also have to be incurred on the market value of the apartment at the point of executing the deed. The stamp duty rate at present is 3% on the first LKR 100,000 and 4% on the balance, subject to changes in government regulations.

Any changes in taxes will be applicable.

No. However, please check with your tax consultants with regards to the tax implications in your country of residence.

As a foreigner, you would first have to open an IIA (Inward Investment Account) with any Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka. You will then need to transfer the money from overseas to your IIA account in Sri Lanka. Upon your instruction, your bank in Sri Lanka will settle the developer from your IIA account.

Initial investment and capital gains can be repatriated through the IIA account back to your country of residence without any restriction as per the current regulation, provided the payment for the apartment was paid through the IIA account.

No, provided you repatriate your rental income via your IIA account.

Currently, foreigners are not allowed to borrow money in Sri Lanka for apartment purchases.

Yes, at the applicable income tax rates.

A smart home is a home that is equipped with technology and Internet of Things (IoT) and is capable of home automation. Household systems, such as lighting, entertainment, security, safety and other household appliances, are connected to the internet and can be controlled anytime, anywhere.

IoT refers to a network that connects devices such as household appliances, which utilize embedded technology to communicate and interact with one another, via the internet.

A smart home will provide you with convenience, entertainment, security, safety and energy saving solution in your daily life. With all these benefits, you can enjoy a smart lifestyle!

Yes, it will. In this technology-driven era, technology has been a part of our lives, including life at home. A smart home will improve your quality of life with all the convenience it brings, thus adding value to your property.

Smart Home systems are easy to control with voice commands or through mobile apps installed on your smart mobile devices. Mobile apps allow you to remotely control your systems while you’re away from home.

The voice system will only be available with the platinum package.

No, you don’t have to. Our smart home systems are scalable, so you can easily add more household appliances in the future.